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DLS Development receives commendation from the Director of the U.S. Defense Logistics Managment Standards Office (DLMSO)

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client testimonials

We are quite pleased with the creative solutions you applied to our application. Thanks for a job well done.

D. Quilty - Presitige Calligraphy

We appreciate your efforts updating our old C / DOS based application into a Windows GUI. DLS Development has proven itself as a valuable and capable resource.

G. Mulvihill - Siemens Hearing Instruments


DLS Development
15 Cranberry Ct.
Jackson, NJ 08527

company info:

Closely-held private company; founders are active in the business


150 projects for 50 clients worldwide since 1972

Representative Clients:

US Dept. of Defense, Perkin-Elmer, Siemens, DocuPro, US Golf Association, Grayhound Electronics, Kessler-Ellis Products, Marine Systems, Tank Technology, EMTEC Corp, Phase-II Electronics, Synthetic Sound Labs, AKP Resources, IVYnet, Componex, Bill Quinn Productions

For more information, contact:

Doug Slocum - President

Doug Slocum photo Email us at: query [AT] dougslocum [D-O-T] com